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The Spiritual Fire, Nature and the Subtle Sphere

Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine

From the diaries of H. Roerich in dialogue with M. (1933).
Minor adaptations to the present time have been made.
The volumes of Agni Yoga “Fiery World” 1 – 3 contain some of these sections and more.

Not only human unemployment forms a danger, but also the unemployment of nature must at last be taken note of. One only has to imagine how quickly flourishing vegetation is replaced by dead sand. Not mismanagement, but suicide must be called the dulling of the earth’s crust. After all, the healing of nature could not be accelerated even if people turned to healthy thinking; it would take decades to heal the destruction of the earth’s crust. But such particularly good measures require the cooperation of people. But is there any sign of such cooperation? Do not destruction and retreat have minds of their own? Is not every attempt at unification met with derision? People are not prepared to think about the reality of the future. We speak of the great Agni, but only a thousand minds dare to think how urgent it is.

We must pay attention to what is about to happen. We must be aware that humanity has entered a period of constant wars. Such wars vary greatly, but the one principle is enmity everywhere and in everything. No one can imagine the devastating conflagration that results when a multitude of people intensifies the destructive circle around the planet. This is the same snake that is worse than great heat or cold. Do not think it is a scarecrow – no, each day brings proof of destruction. The dark ones never sleep, and the general daily chatter tries to distract the eye from the spiritual fire.

War of arms, war of commerce, war of unemployment, war of knowledge, war of religions – all kinds of wars, and earthly boundaries no longer matter! Life on the planet is divided along countless borders!

The most earthly miser is often a planetary profligate. The New World, when it takes place, will reveal a love for the values of Nature, and it will give it a better emulsion of the essence of life. For it will be necessary to disperse from the cities into Nature, but it will not be on the sands! Seas of sand have formed in all parts of the world. The consciousness of the people also crumbled into grains of wrath. Each of the deserts was once a flourishing meadow. Not nature, but man himself destroyed the flowers! But the thought of the spiritual fire emerging can make people think.

Imagine the challenge if longevity increases, the birth rate doubles and disease ceases, calculate the position of the earth in a hundred years. (1935)

We should not only hope for the coming of condensed bodies, but strive with all our might for the realisation of the Ethereal World. We must not only recognise the ethereal world, but also have the courage to contemplate the fiery powers. We must get used to the idea that sooner or later we will dock on the shores of fire. Therefore, we should learn to cast the longest net to make the best catch. Not only in dreams, but also in our daily work, we should direct our thoughts towards distant, fiery phenomena. Otherwise, when we are in the subtle world, it is still difficult for us to be aware of fiery radiance. It is not only the eye that has to get used to the light, but above all the consciousness. People suffer especially from the inability to look forward. The small consciousness only looks back and therefore often falls behind. The kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of fire, is taken by storm – this truth was told long ago, but we have forgotten it and put aside all courageous striving. Many valuable references are confused. Men have distorted the concept of humility, which is so necessary in relation to spiritual brotherhood, but men have made it nothing out of convenience. One should not be idle, but strive with all courage and effort for the beautiful fire. There is no earthly thing that is not worth giving up for the world of fire.

Let us talk about the ethereal world and the fiery world as if you had been there. Even though these conversations may be subject to particular ridicule, there will be consciousnesses who go in the same direction. In this way we shall find those to whom the heart whispers reverently of the Fiery World, of the Beautiful World.