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The Wanderer, 162

Society of Theosophy

Urusvati knows that the Great Pilgrim mingled with both the rich and the poor. Not all the rich were advised to give away their wealth, for when the Teacher saw a right attitude toward earthly treasures, He did not indicate a need to renounce them. In interpreting the attitude of the Teacher toward earthly riches, it is important to know that He advised giving up possessions only when they were dragging down the spiritually weak ones. He did not reject earthly riches, for how can one deny what already exists? He taught that it is essential to find a sensible attitude toward all that exists in life. Indeed, the Teacher did not want to see uniform poverty.

He used to emphasize that even people of small means should cultivate pure joy, without envy of wealthy neighbors.

The Teacher shared the company of both rich and poor and in each case was equally kind and ready to help. Indeed, it is the rich who are sometimes most in need of help.

The Teacher was ready to help when He saw injustice, and knew how to inspire heroism in the persecuted. Yet He knew that all His blessings would be condemned. He cared little for gratitude toward Himself, but in His Teachings He did not forget to point out the great power of gratitude. Thus, let us pay homage to that Wonderful Life, which nourished so many hearts.