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Initiation 1


Texts from the books of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Master


So what do we mean by “initiation”? There are two definitions. Firstly, it is (and this is the most essential point) an expansion of human consciousness, enabling entry into a new and further-dimensioned world. An initiate can include in his sphere of consciousness all that he has hitherto excluded, and which he normally set aside in thought and action. Secondly, an initiation is an influx of energies that are characteristic of the soul, and only of the soul: Power currents of understanding love and spiritual will. These are the driving forces by which all liberated souls are driven and filled. The two phases of the inflow of these energies and of being permeated by them should be a simultaneous and unified process, which is of the utmost importance. If they occur one after the other or in constant alternation, it indicates a state of unequal and unbalanced unfoldment of the candidate. Often progress exists only in theory. The facts of the initiatory process are merely grasped in thought, but the necessary practical testing in active life and the psychological involvement of the outer processes of life are lacking. Therein lies a great danger, and it is the cause of great loss of time and difficulties.