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Pearls of doctrine


There are two signs of the authenticity of the doctrine: the first is the pursuit of the common good; the second is the acceptance of all previous teachings that correspond to the first sign. It should be noted that the original form of the doctrine does not contain negative statements. But the superstitious followers begin to protect the covenants with denials instead of good. A pernicious formula emerges: “Our faith is the best” or “We are faithful, but they are all unfaithful”. From here it is only a step to crusades, inquisitions and bloody seas in the name of those who have condemned the murders. There is no more harmful occupation than the imposition of faith.

Whoever wants to walk with Us must first forget denial and wear the renewed life freely, without the compulsion of others. People are attracted to beauty and easy knowledge. Only a teaching that contains hope, only a teaching that has blossomed into life, only a teaching that has manifested itself can help true evolution. For it is not the marketplace of life where entrance into the kingdom of heaven is bought cheaply. For it is not the grave of life where one trembles before the justice of an unknown judge

Scientists have offered what they believe is a witty consolation: “Man begins to die the moment he is born. The consolation is sparse and melancholy. We say that man is born forever, especially at the moment of his so-called death. The servants of distorted religions encourage their pets by buying a place in a graveyard where they lie more profitably and honourably than others who are poorer and therefore not worthy of long prayers. The incense will be false to them, the poor, and the singers will sing very badly. Tell me at last what true doctrine has commanded this ugliness! Verily, enough of graves and cemeteries and intimidation!

One can see how clearly the teachers saw the transition to future manifestations and cared less about a place in the graveyard. The sign of the attitude towards death is very important for the essence of the teaching, and therein lies the understanding of reincarnation. Please treat reincarnation strictly scientifically. If you can offer another construction of the universe, We will reserve a place for you as a seminary professor and promise to bury you after the first order – because you will really die in the eyes of the enlightened.