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Heart 10


21. advise to talk about the spiritual. One can notice many useful things in spiritual recollections. Besides, spiritual talk saves one from dirt and irritability. Affirmation of spiritual phenomena will reduce hatred of the invisible world. Where spiritual conversations are often held, a special aura is stored up. Even if these conversations are still imperfect, they prove to be touchstones for those present. Different peoples contribute their realisation of spiritual principles; according to them one can judge the suitability of hearts.

Also, avoid arguing about what is indisputable. Recently I marvelled at a dispute between the followers of Joan of Arc, Sergius and Moses Each affirmed that his advocate did not agree with the others. But if one knew the truth, it was sad to hear these fabrications made up to create disagreement. Even if one disagrees, let one at least not hit one’s forehead, for horns may grow!

Now imagine if those who know the truth remained friendly and united their thoughts. What power would be gained here on earth, in spite of all the atmospheric pressure! He who triumphs in spirit already belongs to Us!