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Announcements of the past and their actual reality

Pictures Nicholas Roerich

Announcement 1:

About 70 years ago H. Roerich told the members of the Agni Yoga Society in their letters about a possible great physical change of the planet. There would be a time window for this upheaval of a few years and it would be a lowering and raising of whole parts of the land areas. The northern lands such as Scandinavia, Russia and Canada would be less affected than more southern areas. Your master considered this intervention coming from the cosmic-solar (the middle world, see core text) as comparable to the processes in Atlantic times.

We know that this change did not manifest itself. The life on this planet developed in such a way, as it is to be looked at in the result today. However, the intervention announced at that time remains an option.


Announcement 2:

In the books of A. Bailey, the Tibetan master gives a comprehensive spiritual teaching. At the end of his creative period (end of the 40’s) he announces, beginning for the 60’s of the last century, a special activity of the brotherhood. (a treatise on Cosmic Fire, ordinal number: 754).

Included in it is a participation of the Master of the Masters, the Christ.

He leaves open whether it comes to a physical appearance or whether the Christ activity takes place mainly in the emotional life, the astral, of mankind. The time window of this total impulse has certainly been completed with the end of the last century. In the previous 40 years there have been great changes politically, culturally and socially. Planetary overlapping are the disarmament agreements, the end of colonialism and the dissolution of the state blocs in the sense of the cold war. Obviously, a physically visible appearance of the Christ did not occur and the many false prophets who appeared had been to be expected.

It is known that many well-meaning esotericists/theosophists still expect the physically real appearance and postpone the date again and again. In response to this expectation, a question arises: How should Christ be able to have a direct effect in today’s mediumistic world and in which area of life?  Also further activities of the brotherhood announced in this connection by the Tibetan could not be recognized in this way.



It can be seen from these two announcements that the plans of the Brotherhood are also subject to ongoing adjustments and changes, for the White Brotherhood does not operate alone on this planet. It is opposed by a group of dark ones, whose efforts serve only the preservation of the status quo. The imperfections of the current world situation are the field on which they can harvest for their egoistic goals. Those in this group who are totally committed to the black ideology will find no way out of the quagmire for a long future on this planet. Since this is felt aware of the members, they act according to the principle of all or nothing to be able to live out their sadism, their claim to power, their exploitation of the weak and their total enjoyment and in contrast to the white brotherhood also against each other in their Qlique.

The today’s world situation is from the view white brotherhood a place at the abyss. The feeling for this situation makes the dark ones furiously pursue their goals to experience the pleasure at any price as long as possible. This planet with its middle and higher dimension is part of a greater whole (solar system) and furthermore is exposed to impulses of the even greater whole (cosmic). The outer physical plane is the battlefield on which the souls of men should and must find their spiritual development. Only on this field the spiritual progress of the great majority of mankind can succeed. Only from a certain attained individual quality this process can be continued on more subtle fields.

If the status of standing at the abyss is accepted as given – there is no alternative except closing the eyes – the question arises about the events to be expected in the future.

To demonstrate the term “abyss” by two examples, here is a short insertion. Currently, the UN calls 2.3 billion people on the planet in need of sufficient and secured necessary drinking water (the cardinal problem of water). The possibility of creating usable water for agriculture and industry through industrial seawater desalination is not in any program of governments and political institutions. Technically and financially, however, an implementation would be immediately feasible, so drinking water would really only be there for drinking.

Taking Nigeria as an example, a country with currently about 200 million people (2000: 110 mill.), the UN estimates the population development to be 400 million in 40 years (the cardinal problem of overpopulation). Major obstacles to planning to reduce the increase are especially: fundamentalist religions, Christian and Islamic, coupled with patriarchal inhuman treatment of women. A solution to this problem, transferable to many other countries, is not in sight.

How does the planetary white brotherhood react, how do the solar forces and their stimulating cosmic drives react?

In the letters of H. Roerich M. gives a description for the case of the total self-destruction of the living space on the planet:


Letters I, page 161

Certainly, the Lords of Light are taking all measures to save the planet from this terrible fate. And if mankind chooses annihilation, its better part (and are there many such?) will be taken over to the higher planets. The average will go to another planet similar to our own, which will approach the Earth if the explosion takes place. (At the moment this new planet is not yet visible.) As for the rest of mankind, they will follow the prince of the world and be exiled with him to Saturn. But alas, no one realizes what a delay in evolution will take place among the majority of our earthly humanity in the event of the destruction of our planet. How many ages will have to pass before the new “Earth” will be able to create suitable bodies!


This would be the description for the case of the total destruction of the habitat.

In the case of a partial upheaval of the habitat, as described at the beginning, impulses would be released by solar-cosmic forces which led to big changes of the earth’s surface. In the usual language these are natural catastrophes. Connected with it would be a regression of the civilization and culture and for the remaining part of the humanity a long phase of the suffering and the misery, because from the developing chaos only slowly again reason of the thinking could arise.

Are these the only two variants that global humanity has to reckon with?

The third variant is the common solution of the causes for the abyss scenario. That means: reduction of the overpopulation, acting against the climate crisis, peace obligation of the states, restoration of the religions to their peaceful core and much more.

It may ask itself each reader whether it can succeed and which contribution he/she can and wants to make for it. The author of these lines does not give a prognosis, however, the text given now opens up fundamentally only in connection with the texts given here so far. It should be noted that fear or even hysteria are the worst answers to the described siutuation. The greater the fear the more obvious is the lack of penetration of the soul with the truths of the timeless wisdom and certainly the firm conviction of the repeated earth lives is also missing. Who feels fear when reading these lines, should not be afraid to take up the here given basics of a contemporary theosophy again and again and/or to use also further of the here mentioned teachings of the past 150 years on this way, (the texts to the so-called “ascended masters” count, by the inflation of always new further masters, not to it).