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The Wanderer, 633


Urusvati knows that every task approaching from the supramundane world suffers some damage from the earthly conditions. One should not be distressed about this, as the difference between the ethereal and the earthly conditions is striking. However, one may remember Our instructions: “Farther than the farthest”. In this way We remind one of the original tasks set in the ethereal world. Each inhabitant of the ethereal world is given a mission according to his abilities. Not only great assignments are given, but also those that have to be fulfilled in everyday life, where one can also render a certain benefit. But only a few still carry a memory of such assignments, which should also help to lighten the karma. Often people regret not being able to perform anything and do not know themselves why their heart aches. They try to remember something, but in the gross material state a subtle thought behaves like a frightened bird. As long as people do not turn to the supernatural world, they cannot continue on the right path.