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The Wanderer, 621


Urusvati knows that some inhabitants of the ethereal world consciously choose a difficult embodiment. I speak of those whose karma would also permit an easier existence, but a refined consciousness knows that one difficult life is worth more than many easy ones. Moreover, these wanderers, ready for self-sacrifice, gladly accept a mission which the faint-hearted hastily reject. Thus you also understand Narada, called the quarrelsome one. He had the not easy task of obtaining reasoned judgement by means of quarrelling, by which many slumberers were awakened. Likewise, more than a few strong-minded people have taken on the task of freeing people from decrepit remnants of the past. One can imagine how difficult the life of such purifiers was! They endured furious attacks, and only the distant future will bring them a just verdict. But many such workers have not left their names behind; history has only referred to a few movements that promoted a renewal of thought. One must not think that there were few such militants. In different epochs there were strong-minded people who testified with their lives to the right path of progress. May friends reflect on such workers, who are all the more valuable because they could have chosen an almost carefree life, but chose arduous work. May these labours form stages of luminous ascent.