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Infinity 2


Where the earth’s crust ends for geologists, it begins for Us. Drenched with the emanations of your deeds and saturated with the crystals of darkness of human thought, this crust offers a harder resistance than flint. But by ceaseless striving of thought this solid sphere, which clasps your earth like a tight vice, may be fused into the form of a fine vapour. Should we not dissolve these accumulations if we can choose between the thread into infinity and a heap of accumulations?

Is it so hard for consciousness to direct itself to that source whose streams are endless? Are the obstacles so hard when the Teaching says: “It is easy to lift the veil of the future?” Resolve to apply this in life, so that the ability to use Our influences is not limited to exclamations or affirmations, but your spirit can say: “The wisdom of the Ruler, the power of the distant worlds, the fire of Infinity and the radiance of the Star of the Mother of the World send us the confirmation of our being!”

If a spatial thought can elevate nations, and a spatial thought tied to an earthly cliché can give the planet a valuable science, would those who have broken down the wisdom of the ages into grains of sand deny that the sun shone yesterday but the stream of its rays may be exhausted tomorrow?

Verily, I advise you to fill yourselves with the knowledge of Infinity. Prana is saturated with power, strive to draw out its gifts! With a sigh you can overcome the toil of centuries, but a look of denial can erase a design revealed for centuries.