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Waymark 01


Three messages to readers:

  • We will continue the texts with further contributions.
  • We will make an offer to readers who would like to receive more in-depth theosophical content on individual texts.
  • For us as a currently very small group, considerable resources, including financial ones, would be necessary to extend the theosophical impulse to people who have not yet been reached. Anyone who can provide supporters (also with significant financial resources) should let us know by e-mail.


If financial support is possible, we will acquire space and reach in suitable media for customised contributions. A simplified presentation of theosophical basics that is easier to understand for newcomers will also be gradually placed. Part of the funds would go towards publicising the current website. Then, and only then, would we offer limited cooperation for the revision of texts and/or for analyses of the existing teachings. The resulting expansion of the group would consist of outward written contact and would be subjective in its core. The time window for such an expansion and increased initiative would be conceivable for a period of up to 10 years. However, this does not mean that we would then offer esoteric training or counselling on life issues.