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In the solar system, it is the planet that has the greatest impact at the present time. It is significantly involved in the changes associated with the so-called Aquarian Age, which has now begun for some time.

The special feature to be addressed here, however, concerns its close relationship to the transforming forces that flow in via Shamballa, the planetary head centre. Mahatma M. says in the diaries of H. Roerich: Uranus is our planet.

It also speaks to the special dual function of the planet, which on the one hand concerns the solar system and on the other establishes a clear cosmic connection. Currently, Uranus is the open gate of cosmically effective transforming energies, which are looking for receptive groups of souls in order to be able to have a real effect. From this description it becomes clear: The tension can only be used meaningfully in group form, even if they are only connected groups. In the deepest case, the effect is emotional astral, then ascending mental and in the best case “heart-thinking” Buddhic, physically no direct effect can be achieved. This energy must be given a dedication, a meaning, group-wise.

Since the path of the energy rays is via the planetary head centre (Shamballa), the basic vibration is first-radiating, or in other words, powerfully transforming.

With the mantram given here, a dedication can be achieved, whether as a prayer or meditatively. It will be shown elsewhere how the effect on the solar system as a whole is to be seen.

At the end of this explanation, the urgent advice is given to detach oneself from the physical image of Uranus, for this is only an adapted visible form for the limited senses of man. In the subtle vision this planet would show itself in a fiery condensation of a radiant nebula, whose life forms differ from the earthly planetary forms not only in density. What is essential is that these energies can now be directly applied for use.

Now another sequence from the Agni Yoga teachings, which makes the physical search for life in space (cosmos) seem superfluous.


Mahatma M. dictates to H. Roerich: 13.4.1932

The subtle world has manifold references to the earthly world. Even the prototype of the seasons passes through the consciousness of the subtle world. Therefore, the images of plants, mountains or the surface of water are not alien to the subtle world, naturally in a transformed state. The heart, which knows the subtle world, knows flowers, mountains, snow and the sea. The flowers are successful in their richness of form, but their colour is unspeakably more complex than that of the earth; the snow is whiter, more crystalline and thicker than that of the earth. One can begin to see the whole structure of the Higher World, and so the man who has stored up a clear and good consciousness on earth will also be a good builder in the subtle world. Instead of disfigurements, man will introduce beautiful proportions and a rhythm corresponding to the splendour of Infinity. Is it so great a task of the spirit to purify the heart? For only the light consciousness of the heart will raise the subtle body into the higher abode! Therefore, he who prepares his heart and raises the hearts of his neighbour is already doing the will of the sender.

This is not necessarily the description of the evolution of Uranus, but rather the view of the subtle world of Venus. Uranus is still a few steps more refined.