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Agni Yoga from: Fiery World


Every effort can be made in three ways: either externally through muscular effort or externally through the nerve centre or the heart-fire energy. The first effort would be an animal, the second a human being, the third a person from the subtle world. The third effort could be made much more frequently if people would consciously apply the concept of heart and fire. But unfortunately this tension only occurs in exceptional cases. When a mother rescues a child, she naturally acts above earthly circumstances. When the hero relies on himself to save humanity, he intensifies his power, but this unconscious ignition is rare. We are concerned with a constant increase of power through the knowledge of the powerful. It is not so difficult to change and ignite the consciousness if it is designed for constant attention. Consistency is also a quality of fire. Everywhere, under all conditions, the essence of fire is the same. Fire cannot be composed of any elements, any combinations, one can only reveal fire; in the same way one can approach the Fiery World. The most amazing transformations are achieved through fiery phenomena. The earthly world is transformed only by fire. People believe in the light of fire. People become blind to the earth and are reborn through fire. One can cite many examples of how fire transforms the world. Without the manifestation of fire you cannot move to renewal. Many will smile at the word ‘renewal’, but even a snake changes its skin. So it is better to consciously move into the world of fire.